The genesis of A1 Lumpers comes from one woman’s desire to work hard to support her family, and the need of the freight shipping industry of Atlantic Canada for supplementary support and services. Mae (Adshade-Edmonds) LeBlanc went from unloading trucks herself on a casual basis to starting her own business. All the long hours and hard work have paid off for Mae since starting A1 Lumpers. She has been organizing entire work crews to work in various places in the Maritime provinces doing all kinds of support work for clients shipping freight by truck ever since. A few years later saw Mae marry former corrections officer Mike LeBlanc, and the two of them expanded A1 Lumpers to what it is today. She now employs 115┬ánumber of people in 3 provinces, working in clients’ warehouses loading and unloading trucks or out in the field conducting freight recovery at highway accident sites all over Atlantic Canada. Managing this many staff in this many locations is challenging and rewarding work, but her hard-working staff and supportive clients make it all worth while.